Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Le Woof

Socks is very very excited today. Sarah & "The Other Half" have just told her some very exciting news. They are moving to FRANCE.

Now Socks isn’t quite sure where France is but they have told her that it is very far away – she thinks it must be even further than the park, and that’s a long way away!

They have told her that they are moving to a place called “The Dordogne” and that they will have a nice big house with an even bigger garden and a field for Socks to play in! There will also be some “gites” that people, called “guests” will come and stay in so that Sarah & "The Other Half" don’t have to go to the place called “work” anymore, they told Socks that they can now “work” from home – this confused Socks slightly but she doesn’t care as she will have lots of “guests” to throw sticks for her!

However Socks is wondering why Sarah "The Other Half" seem to be rushing around so much – they aren’t moving for another 7 weeks – this is a long time for a little sock dog. She can’t see what could take so long to arrange, all she has to do is pack her bone, her scarf and some of her treats and that certainly won’t take 7 weeks, will it?

So, she has decioded that if she helps them to pack they will be able to go sooner,
"I don't think your meant to pack yourself Socks!"

"Socks you'll get your head stuck!"

As soon as she knows more socks promises to let you know!

Love from


Woof Woof Woof

This is Socks. She is a stripy sock dog. She lives in the windy, wet and wild north of England (well Preston but that doesn’t sound very exciting does it) with her friends Sarah and "The Other Half" as seen over at Cupcakes and Clover. In fact is was Sarah who created her out of a pair of beautiful, stripy, soft socks and made her, her very own pink woolly scarf!

Socks likes to bake cakes, climb on the furniture and cause mischief where ever she goes. This, she assures us, is a talent!

Now although Socks loves living with Sarah & "The Other Half" in their lovely little house, she doesn’t like the wind and rain and snow and ice that always seems to hover over Preston. She thinks it is very unfair that when the weather is bad, which is most of the time, she is not allowed to play out in the garden, chasing sticks and hunting in the flowerbeds.

And, although Socks loves Sarah & "The Other Half" very much, it makes her sad when they leave her every morning and don’t come back for a very long time, until it’s dark in fact. They have told her that they go to some strange place called “work” but she cannot for the life of her understand why they keep going back every day because when they come home they are very tired and never want to play. She tells them that they should not go, then they could all have long lay-ins, play with her stick and go for nice long walks all of the time! They always laugh but they still keep going to work.

Socks wanted to create this blog, with a little assistance as she struggles to get her paws to type, to keep a record of her antics. She likes it when lovely people read what she has being doing, it makes her feel special. Your comments make her stripy tail wagg and she loves to make friends with new people and animals of the fluffy or sock variety!

Lots of woofs from,